Practice Expectations

Students in instrumental music classes are expected to practice at home on a regular basis.  In each lesson, I teach the new material, guiding the students through the pedagogy they need to have success with the skills.

Fifteen to twenty  minutes daily is a minimum amount of practice time. Playing every other day is the minimum amount of practice for success.  In one month, then, a student is expected to practice 15 days. Please, listen to your child practice once a week.

Preparation Targets

We use this graphic organizer to focus our individual home practice on smaller sections of the music. Download the sample here: PREP TARGET SINGLE 2014


Students use Preparation Targets to help them focus their practice.

Practice Plan

Students must take their practice material from what is actualweb Brookely taught in the lessons from week to week. Students may play other material, but their practice journal must show that they have been working on the curriculum as it is delivered. On each practice day, students have material to practice at home.



1. Scales: from Elementary School Exit Proficiencies  Sheet

      • 3  each day
      • use metronome

2.  Textbook Exercises:  

Use continuous review from the first easy pages to where we are now.

3. Technique Sheets: usually about 4 measures

4. Repertoire:  1 or 2 songs from this categorybow hold location sean

  • concert music
  • audition music
  • solo and ensemble music
  • special event music at the school
  • student generated  music for   other extracurricular performances, such as church, Scouts, family recitals