Where to Buy, Rent or Repair Instruments

I do not suggest any one store over another, but I do recommend calling the store before driving out to get more information on rental programs and supply availability.

Beware of online purchases (especially if you cannot play the instrument yourself to test it), unless there is a warranty period during which the instrument can be returned if it is not suitable for playing.

It is strongly recommended that you avoid buying any string or band instrument that is painted a color.Natural wood is what produces the most characteristic tone quality for strings. Brass, or other metals are what we expect in wind instruments. Clarinets  for beginner students are made from a hard plastic material.

Please, be aware that the local stores that are not music stores sell “bargain” instruments that may be inferior in quality to the ones sold by knowledgeable music stores. These instruments break and malfunction more easily than those sold by reputable music stores and repairs are often not possible. Keep your receipt if you do purchase in these establishments, in case you end up having to return the instrument.


School owned instruments were purchased by PGCPS for students who are not able to provide their own instrument.

To qualify students must…

  • be part of the free and reduced lunch program
  • have received grades of mostly A’s and participated in all required performances (for returning students only)

To qualify parents must…

  • sign the school instrument loan contract stating that you will be responsible for any repairs, damage or replacement of the instrument
  • make sure your child attends all required performances
  • make sure your child completes homework assignments

Instrument Maintenance

Follow the instrumental teacher’s advice about caring for the reeds, valves, slides, mouthpieces, springs,  bow hairs, wiping off strings after playing, replacing broken or weak strings, and other practices that will prolong the good playing life of the instrument.

Instrument Repairs

School-Owned Instruments 

Notify Mrs. Williams if you notice any defect or damage when using the instrument that you have borrowed from the school.  Repairs will be managed by Mrs. Williams, and the bill will be given to the parents for payment.

Store Rentals or Family-Owned Instruments

Some  of the stores listed do repairs.  Make sure you ask for an estimate for the work before you leave the instrument for repair.